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What is the makeSPACE blog?

Our blog posts allow you to wade into the makeSPACE approach and peer around with your goggles and snorkel on. We share relevant research, strategies, ideas, stories, and perspectives to enrich your experience in this project. Our posts place key concepts, such as metaphor, from makeSPACE into the world around us. You will get to know the makeSPACE team through our own stories and experiences of creative engagement in life. Take a gander and share your thoughts.

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Reinvigorating the desire to teach through creative engagement in education.
We recently had the great pleasure of attending and presenting at the Deeper Learning Conference in San Diego. Here's what we learned.
Read the findings from the makeSPACE Team's own research study to learn more about how to set conditions for creative growth amidst the challenges of an isolating winter in the time of COVID.
In July 2018, poet, teacher, and author Ross Gay had an idea—what might happen if he wrote about something he found delightful as a daily practice for a whole year straight.
Artcore teacher, Billy Hughes, recently created a video for the Network Charter School Showcase, a typically live celebration of school community talent and interests that has pivoted to a youtube video share in these Covidian times. It was all about his love of bees!


Dr. Ibram X. Kendi recently said the racism we have all experienced and unconsciously internalized is like being rained on (with racist ideas around us) without ever knowing we were wet. When someone tells us that an idea or statement is racist, it’s like someone offering an umbrella and telling us we are wet, as we stand unaware of being soaked by the rain.

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Arts integrated reflection is a core practice in makeSPACE. Check out this blog post for examples of how regular engagement in reflection helps students own their learning and grow their creative resources.
Humans cope with storm clouds by finding silver linings. This helps us persevere. But the true stories of lives and communities are loaded with a complex spectrum of emotions that are also worthy of our attention.​
According to philosopher, John Dewey, we don’t learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience. What exactly is reflection and why is it important? How can we reflect intentionally and effectively?
In the following video, founding MakeSPACE member Ross Anderson breaks down the importance of joyful experiences both in the classroom—and beyond. How can you bring joy into your classroom?
We all know authors use metaphors to brighten up stories, but what role do they play in our everyday lives and how can we use them to convey information and open minds to new ways of thinking?
We've spent the last few months building the makeSPACE story. Along the way, we've asked questions and listened to our community of teaching partners. As we move forward, we'll continue to listen.
Creative routines help us establish the conditions for how we engage in mental challenges. To shape a creative classroom environment, they provide an accessible entry point... and endless possibilities.
Committed to bringing out the best in all of her students, Denise uses both personal experience and accumulated knowledge to bring her classes to life. And she engages her creativity every day. This is her story.
There is a particular feeling--sharp, sweet, uncertain, and surprising--that we experience as a true beginners. We feel it when I fumble at trying something new. It is the sensation of terror co-mingled with joy.
Societally, we have come to believe that only some people are capable of creativity. From this vantage, you're either born with creative traits and talents or not. But are things a bit more nuanced? Let's explore this idea further!
The makeSPACE story began with a simple vision: to bring creative engagement to classrooms across the country.
Welcome to the MakeSPACE story. We're thrilled to join you on this journey into new realms of creative engagement.


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We want young people and their teachers to be fulfilled, to feel agency, and to shape their own lives and the world around them. We want them to thrive within the possible - as the world offers them moment after moment of uncertainty.