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We are committed to the creative strength and agency of educators and their diverse students

makeSPACE in Action

Take a peek inside the world of makeSPACE

Who We Are

The makeSPACE project includes a partnership between the lead organization, Inflexion, and multiple other contributing partners who are education designers, researchers, artists, integrated learning specialists, and programmers. These partnering organizations—Creative Engagement LabTrifoiaDrexel University, and the University of Oregon’s Oba platform— bring skills in research-based arts integration strategies, research methods, and professional development. We are committed to flexible, meaningful, and effective teacher professional development, system-wide creative development, social justice and equity, and rigorous research. We are committed to the creative strength and agency of educators and their diverse students.

Meet the Team

Jessica Land


Jessica is a facilitator of learning experiences that bridge the arts, the natural world, schools, self, and community. Her commitment to engaging learners in authentic creative expression is rooted in her own explorations with visual arts, dance, the natural world and world cultures. She is a certified teacher with fifteen years experience teaching in alternative and traditional school settings. She earned her M.A. in Experiential Education at Prescott College in Prescott, AZ and her B.A., Magna Cum Laude in English/Writing and Fine Arts, at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY. Nature continues to be her most influential muse and teacher. 

Mari Livie


Mari Livie has been a teaching artist in Lane County schools since 1999. She creates and teaches arts workshops for schools, city programs, and healthcare facilities. Working with these various organizations brings Mari into contact with a diverse population of blossoming artists and educators. She’s generated arts workshops for children with autism, the elderly, incarcerated youth, homeless youth, alter-abled adults, English language learners, teachers, and war veterans. Mari pursues her own arts practice on days she is not teaching. You can see her work at and hear her work on

Nate Beard


Nate K. Beard is an Integrated Learning Specialist, drama teacher, and professional development provider, currently building teacher and administration efficacy in arts integration. His work focuses primarily on social and emotional health including skills in communication, collaboration, metacognition, and metaphorical thinking. Built from a background in tragedy-based drama therapy, he has developed and co-developed curriculum and teaching practices that provide opportunities for meaning-making for adolescent students. He has trained over 100 educators in process drama techniques.

Dr. Ross Anderson


Ross is a designer, researcher, and strategist in the education field working to harness creative development and embodied learning potential of educators and students, alike. His work aims to create equitable, engaging, and aspirational learning environments and to understand the systemic and individual factors that play a role. His 12 years of leadership and innovation in the education field emerges from personal experience in architectural design and 15 years practicing the art of Afro-Brazilian Capoeira. Ross earned his B.A in architecture at Yale University and his Ph.D. in educational leadership at the University of Oregon. He has led large research and development projects, publishing research on creative development, educational change, and arts integrated teaching and learning in numerous journals and book series.

Dr. Jen Katz-Buonincontro


Jen teaches, studies and publishes on creativity and learning. As associate dean of research at Drexel University’s School of Education, she teaches several course in creativity and innovation. Her research seeks to inspires children and adults to learn, think and act in creative ways that optimizes their academic and professional success. Her current studies focus on creative thinking and problem solving. Her research aims to build socio-cognitive theories of creative agency to advance educational research.

Jandee Todd


Before joining MakeSPACE, Jandee had an internship with Dr. Nancy Golden at the Oregon Education Investment Board, performed qualitative research used in The Media, the Court, and the Misrepresentation: The New Myth of the Court by Drs. Rorie Spill Solberg and Eric N. Waltenburg, and spent some time living in France. She earned her BAs in History and Political Science through the University Honors College at Oregon State, focusing on Russian and Soviet history and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Jordan Bentz


Jordan has worked as a UI/UX designer, documentarian, and creative director. More recently, he decided to return to his first love: making documentaries. Recently, he’s focused on helping non-profits and small business throughout the Pacific Northwest build their brands and tell their stories.

Dr. Tracy Bousselot

Co-investigator + MAKESPACE PARTNER

Tracy enjoyed seven years as a middle and high school science teacher, instilling in her a passion for improving instruction and access in STEM/STEAM fields. Her interest in and experiences with the innovative use of technology in education have led to a strong interest in the development and utilization of best practice in educational technology. Tracy has been involved in program evaluation and research projects at Inflexion that include elementary science professional development, school level case studies of best practice in college/career readiness, postsecondary online education, and proficiency-based teaching and learning.

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We want young people and their teachers to be fulfilled, to feel agency, and to shape their own lives and the world around them. We want them to thrive within the possible - as the world offers them moment after moment of uncertainty.