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Hear voices and perspectives from within the makeSPACE teaching community

At makeSPACE, we value authenticity.

Since the beginning of the makeSPACE project, we’ve worked to listen voices from within our teaching community. We’ve shared in the joys of discovery; we’ve adapted to the challenges of a changing educational landscape; and we’ve worked to always put teachers first. In order to do so, we’ve grown accustomed to listening, documenting and reflecting.  

The following excerpts come from teachers within the makeSPACE community. We gathered these insights during our last in-person Summer Institute. Since the pandemic, we’ve been holding virtual institutes. For more information on makeSPACE institutes, visit our Opportunities page!

By making space for teachers’ reflections, we’ve learned how to make our work more impactful and meaningful for our teaching community. 

Voices From Our Community

What we’ve been learning (with makeSPACE) I can see happening in the classroom. And I’m excited to do those things, to bring that energy to my teaching.  

Mara H.

Language Arts, Social Studies and ESOL

It was exciting for me to think about the ways that I’m going to re-approach what I already do to provide more places for kids to make their own spaces.

Michael D.


We aren’t expecting it to happen the first day of school… but maybe towards the end of the year. I like the idea of bringing those little things in to add creativity to the content.  

Mark G.


Seeing other teachers talk about what makeSPACE looks like in the classroom, it’s like, ‘Yes! Now we’re here, now we’re talking about the HOW.’ And that’s really exciting to me. 

Kim G.


I think expanding my view of art and creativity has been something I’ve really enjoyed about makeSPACE.

Daniel T.


More Teacher Insights

The following quotes were collected in reflection interviews conducted after our teaching partners completed their makeSPACE work online. 

“The experience reinvigorated my desire to teach.”

“I feel much more capable of transforming a dry and rote curriculum into something more engaging.”

“It was an overwhelmingly positive experience that makes me feel more ready to integrate the arts in my classes, even at a time when I feel like I’m trying to keep my head above water.”

“It seemed pretty hopeless in the spring, and now I feel like I have more tools in my tool belt to approach this year.”

“MakeSPACE provided some very concrete ways to engage in higher level thinking that will be manageable through distance learning.”

“I now have strategies to being to connect students with metaphors. I think this will be a powerful tool as we begin to unpack some of the emotions around losing homes and the destruction of our physical community.”

“It’s reminded me of what I love most in teaching.”

“Challenged me to think outside the box. Be real with students. Connect with them and do things that are uncomfortable.”

“I wasn’t being asked to add on all these art projects that I didn’t have time to do or that

I didn’t know how would turn out. It was more about thinking creatively and . . . tweaking and modifying stuff that I already do.”

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