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Welcome to makeSPACE

We’re thrilled for you to join us on this journey into realms of creative engagement. Together, we’ll unlock new methods of teaching and learning.

This makeSPACE journey begins with several curiosities:

  • What can creative engagement look, feel, and sound like throughout a school day?
  • How do we set conditions for all students to enter creative engagement in learning?
  • How can we ensure this learning evolves their personal creative resources?
  • How do we integrate different artistic processes into curriculum?
  • How do we build school culture around creative engagement?

We’ll use this blog as a space for exploration. And we’ll examine these questions over the next three years as makeSPACE expands.

You’ll see examples of creative engagement in action. We’ll illustrate what we learn with videos from the classroom and curriculum examples. And we’ll show you what it means to engage creatively by bringing you the latest from our work and beyond.

We welcome you as idea builders, curious minds, and engaged educators. And we’ll treat you as enthusiastic supporters, critical thinkers, and resource guides. Most of all, we invite you to join in the dialogue.

Creative engagement is about sharing experiences, learning from each other, and embracing vulnerability in the creative process.

In the next several posts, we’ll introduce the makeSPACE approach. We’ll explore foundational concepts of creative engagement. And we’ll report on early innovations (and insights) from classrooms across Oregon—and beyond.

As we publish this first blog, we’re only a few miles into this makeSPACE river journey. Please jump on the river to adventure with us, engage your curiosity, and grow your creative resources.

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Societally, we have come to believe that only some people are capable of creativity. From this vantage, you’re either born with creative traits and talents or not. But are things a bit more nuanced?

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According to philosopher, John Dewey, we don’t learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience. We all reflect casually on a regular basis, but may not do so deliberately. What exactly is reflection and why is it important? How can we reflect intentionally and effectively?

Our Vision

The makeSPACE story began with a simple vision: to bring creative engagement to classrooms across the country.

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We want young people and their teachers to be fulfilled, to feel agency, and to shape their own lives and the world around them. We want them to thrive within the possible - as the world offers them moment after moment of uncertainty.