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Creative Engagement for Health

Creative Engagement Lab celebrates the release of its newly developed social-emotional learning curriculum, Creative Engagement for Health!

This visually rich, interactive curriculum focuses on creative expression as a path toward increasing a sense of well-being, developing autonomy, and supporting belonging. 

Each of the core lessons focuses on a Creative Resource; exploring Empathy, Humor, Gratitude, Curiosity, and Tolerance for Ambiguity as tools for understanding ourselves and each other more deeply. The content is intentionally malleable and adaptable. It can be easily integrated into existing curriculum and is developmentally appropriate across K-12 grade levels. The curriculum offers arts-based strategies for increasing emotional awareness, opportunities for reframing challenging emotions, tools for perspective taking, and collaborative experiences for growing peer connections. Creative Engagement for Health points at cultivating joy through our sense of creative self-efficacy.


Creative Engagement for Health is a free resource with opportunities for in-person engagements with the Creative Engagement Lab team. Visit our website to find the curriculum and learn more about our work. 


This project was developed in partnership with local Eugene teachers, mental health professionals and arts integration specialists. Special thanks to our collaborators: Daniel Denton, Jamie Teran, Lola Broomberg, Isa Jennings, Deon Saraceno, Jordan Bentz, and the makeSPACE project. This work was made possible with a grant from the MillsDavis Foundation.

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