Billy Loves His Bees

What a pleasure to witness Billy’s affection for his bees, and the video gives one a sense of Billy’s presence as a teacher. He cultivates space for learning through observation.

Artcore teacher, Billy Hughes, recently created a video for the Network Charter School Showcase, a typically live celebration of school community talent and interests that has pivoted to a youtube video share in these Covidian times. 

What a pleasure to witness Billy’s affection for his bees, and the video gives one a sense of Billy’s presence as a teacher. He cultivates space for learning through observation. He invites us into the WONDER.

The sounds, the order-out-of-chaos, the complex systems of a thriving hive, the intentional structures of the beekeeping boxes. Billy invites us to marvel at these wonders with him. By the video’s end, I was buzzing like an engaged learner. I felt curious about the little temporary gummy trap for the queen. I did a quick search for images of the formed honeycomb, and I most certainly wanted a taste of the honey those bees will be making.  

When we, as teachers, get to invite learners into realms that resonate for us, personally, the content comes to life. Enthusiasm is contagious. After watching Billy’s video, his students may not all begin a life of beekeeping, but they will have witnessed a significant adult in their lives modeling responsibility, vulnerability, risk taking, and life-long learner behaviors. 

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Voices from our Community

We’ve spent the last few months building the makeSPACE story. Along the way, we’ve asked questions and listened to our community of teaching partners. As we move forward, we’ll continue to listen–and incorporate the voices of our community into the work that we’re doing. ​

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Mari Livie has been a teaching artist in Lane County since 1999, developing and leading workshops for schools, non profit organizations, city programs, and healthcare facilities.  She currently teaches Music and Media Arts at Network Charter School in Eugene.  Working with these various organizations brings Mari into contact with a diverse population of blossoming artists and educators.  Her work emphasizes actualizing the self, contributing to the whole, and perspective taking through creative endeavor. Mari pursues her own arts practice professionally, and as a vital aspect of her self care.  You can see her work at and hear her work on


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